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Reduce the Risk with Contactless Payments

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COVID-19 has made people more cautious about what they touch.

We offer a way for your practice to accept credit cards without anyone touching a terminal, handling a receipt, or handing their card over. It reduces the risk for everyone, and it makes your patients and staff feel more comfortable.

Staff at risk?

Do they handle pens, receipts, and credit cards?

Payment plans?

Want to increase patient payments and efficiency by setting up automated recurring payments plans?

Phone payments?

Do you need a better way to accept payments over the phone?

Website payments?

Do yo need a streamlined way to accept payments on your website?

Multiple locations?

Do you have more than one location or department? Do you need deposits into separate bank accounts?

Wasting time?

Do you want a faster and easier way to reconcile your accounts at the end of each day?

Are you tired...

... of saving paper receipts? ...of contracts? of miscellaneous "junk" fees? ...of paying so much?

Want better support?

Wouldn't it be nice to call support and be talking to a human being that knows you and your account in just a few seconds?

With Contactless Payments, it's all included for less than you're paying now.

Contactless Payments Zero Touch Terminal Showing NFC (no touch) Payment Options

Does Your Existing Credit Card Processing System Have these Top 5 Features?

Truly Contactless

There's no need for your staff or your patients to touch the terminal.


The Contactless Payment Terminal is sleek, and makes your business look up to date. It faces the customer. So the your staff doesn't need to handle the card.

To Sign or Not to Sign

Choose to get signatures by finger if you like, but you can also turn off the signature request altogether while the pandemic persists. Taking payments by phone? The system allows you to get a signature remotely for those!

Repeat Payments

All cards are stored in the online system along with the customer data. Don't worry, it's secure and HIPPA compliant. Now you can accept payment in person or over the phone; with a card or without.

Receipts & Accounting

Receipts can be emailed to reduce paper waste, and a copy is digitally saved for you to access easily at any time. The accounting is done for you. No more printing or adding up receipts and comparing batches. The system also features built in tools for managing multiple locations or departments.

See What Makes This System So Unique

We Know...

...what it feels like to be overwhelmed with necessary adjustments due to COVID-19. We can help by reducing the risk for your patients and staff when it comes to accepting credit card payments.

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3 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees



What Our Clients Say


"Gladiator Excellence implemented the PayJunction Contactless Payments service saving us hundreds of dollars a month. They bring the benefits previously only available to large companies to the small businesses which fuel the growth of America."

-S. Balasubramaniam, MD

"PayJunction just offers so many features that I haven't found with other processing companies. Along with their customer service, I don't think any medical practitioner would go wrong using their services."

-Dr. Brian Johnson D.C., Thrive Chiropractic

"PayJunction's Contactactless Payments, we found to be a great service. It's helped my office manager. It's helped me, and I think my patients are very happy about it."

-Dr. Richard D. Danson

"Switching our credit card processing to PayJunction's Contactless Payments has easily been one of the best decisions we've ever made over our 25 years in business. It's decreased our costs, increased our efficiency, and has made it far easier for our patients to make payments.

-More Physical Therapy

About You & Us

At Gladiator Excellence, we know practice owners and managers want an easy to use payment system that provides a safe environment for your staff and your patients. The problem is you’re not a credit card processing technology expert, which might make you feel that switching systems will be like a Penicillin shot in the butt.

We believe your staff and your patients should have the risk of exposure reduced as much as possible, yet we understand no one likes change. That’s why we offer risk reducing, time saving equipment, while making sure you don’t have to be smarter than a 5th grader to use it.

Our 3 Step "MAKE YOU HAPPY" Plan

Payment Solution Expert


Schedule a Free Demo

Our Contactless Payments expert will meet with you online or in person if you're in the Portland Oregon area.

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Get a Savings Report

We’ll analyze your existing processing statements and show you a side by side comparison to your new cost with us. Finally within about 15 minutes we'll complete the agreement for you and just get your signature. It's all done online for your convenience.

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Be the Envy of Your Colleagues

You'll be up and running with your new system in 3-5 days. The new terminal just has to be plugged in and connected to WiFi or directly to your modem. We'll do it for you if you're in the Portland, Oregon area.

Contactless Payments is a NO CONTRACT service. This means we have to earn your business month after month and year after year. It also means you can actually try the service without cancelling your existing processor. So, you can stop risking exposure, stop saving paper receipts, and stop overpaying for your existing service. Start saving time, money, and maybe even lives with Contactless Payments.

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