accepting payments isn't one size fits all

Pay less. Don't settle for it.


Traditional equipment requires a lot of touching by staff and customers. That's just not acceptable these days.


Why enter cards by hand for your repeat customers. Wouldn't automated recurring billing, secure card on file, or invoicing be easier?


Credit card processing fees are costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. Ask about our unlimited processing for $30 a month!

Contactless Payments 1

Many payment processing services are outdated which costs you time and money. We specialize in unique payment solutions to increase your profits while giving you and your customers a better experience.

All Inclusive Service


Accept payments from all smartphones, smart watches, and "tap to pay" cards. Save paper by emailing or texting receipts.


You're not just a number or a merchant to us. You're a real person with a real business that you and your family counts on. We'll treat your business like it's our business.


Our Contactless Payment Terminals are sleek, and make your business look up to date. They can face the customer. So your staff doesn't need to handle the card.

We Know...

...what it feels like to be overwhelmed with necessary adjustments due to COVID-19. We can help by reducing the risk for your customers and staff when it comes to accepting credit card payments.



3 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

(without changing your existing processor)


What Our Clients Say


"Since the first conversation, our rep from Gladiator Excellence was very clear and transparent with us. He brought us a very complete and easy to understand proposal with all the information to make a decision. After the decision, the process was smooth. The rate is very good, and the system works perfect. I strongly recommend."

-M. Portugal., Ace Handyman Services

"We have been in business for over 25 years and never used credit cards. When we finally decided we must get on the train, Sandro from Gladiator Excellence got us all set up so we can accept credit cards via our own online terminal. We've been "online" for several months now, and everything has worked just fine. We are very happy with the work and the follow up."

-C Swinney., Chesley Creek Farm

"This is a great company to work with! The level of customer service is fantastic, and I highly recommend Gladiator Excellence."

-D. Wade., The Walk In Closet Katy

"Gladiator Excellence implemented the PayJunction Contactless Payments service saving us hundreds of dollars a month. They bring the benefits previously only available to large companies to the small businesses which fuel the growth of America."

-S. Balasubramanium MD., Sugar Land Colon & Rectal Clinic

About You & Us

At Gladiator Excellence, we know business owners and managers want an easy to use payment system that provides a safe, efficient environment for your staff and your customers. The problem is you’re not a credit card processing technology expert, which might make you feel that switching systems will be a real pain.

We believe your staff and your customers should have the safest, most efficient experience possible, yet we understand no one likes change. That’s why we offer risk reducing, time saving equipment, while making sure you don’t have to be smarter than a 5th grader to use it.

Our 3 Step "MAKE YOU HAPPY" Plan


Schedule a Meeting

Our Contactless Payments expert will meet with you online or in person if you're in the Portland Oregon area. We'll share some unique features and determine the right equipment for your specific business.


Get a Savings Report

We’ll analyze your existing processing statements and show you a side by side comparison to your new cost with us or optionally eliminate your cost with our SpotOn Assist program.


Be the Envy of Your Peers

You'll generally be up and running with your snazzy new system in 5-7 days for retail, service, and medical businesses. Our Restaurant POS Systems require more customization and take a bit longer.

Contactless Payments is a NO CONTRACT service. This means we have to earn your business month after month and year after year. It also means you can actually try the service without cancelling your existing processor. So, you can stop risking exposure, stop saving paper receipts, and stop overpaying for your existing service. Start saving time, money, and maybe even lives with Contactless Payments.

Custom Fit for Your Business

Most credit card processing companies don't offer all the equipment types to fit every type of business. This means your business might be using equipment or software that lacks features which could be a real benefit to your company. That's why we at Gladiator Excellence partner with more than one credit card processing company. This way, we can be sure to find the exact right fit for your business.

We seek out companies and equipment that are on the cutting edge of technology. Below are just a few of the most recommended systems. Don't be surprised if they look and function quite differently than what you've seen before!

The SpotOn POYNT

A Versatile Wireless Device for Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, and Services

The POYNT features a beautiful portable design with gift card, loyalty program, and appointment capabilities. It can be used as a POS or just for entering transactions. Receipts can be emailed or sent by text.

The PayJunction Zero Touch Smart Terminal

An Incredibly Perfect Solution for Medical & Legal Practices

The Zero Touch Terminal is much more than a sleek contactless payment device. It's a full cloud based software program designed to massively improve efficiency. Ideal for medical practices, it features recurring billing, invoicing, remote signature capture, and website payment integration all in one system. Neither the staff or the customer/patient needs to touch the terminal.

The SpotOn Restaurant POS

A One of a Kind Restaurant POS Solution

The SpotOn Restaurant POS was designed by restaurateurs. It features 24/7 support, online ordering, gift & eGift card capability, order at the table options, and customers can even view your menu, order, and pay right from their own cell phones! You've never seen anything quite like this.

The SpotOn Register

A Full POS Solution for Retail and Quick Serve Restaurants

The SpotOn Register features a built in cash drawer, bar code scanner, and printer. It's a full POS including employee clock in/clock out. Accept any form of payment including gift cards. Receipts can be printed or emailed. Turn the onscreen signature requirement on or off.

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